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Real Estate Investment

Joe Crump Blog will teach you:

How to get Sellers to pay you to take their house. Get a lump sum at closing and monthly income FROM THE SELLER! Of course you get that from the buyer or tenant too. Double your money, double your fun.
Get your real estate investment buyers to give you a down payment BEFORE you find them a house. When you have 200 people on your buyer list, this starts to get really interesting.
How to get probate investors to get in line to give you money in advance so they can buy the next house you find... sight unseen!
Why you never need to leave the office to do real estate investing deals. Stop driving around looking at all those estate sale, foreclosure houses, probate estate houses and stop wasting time at the County Recorder’s office. Do ONLY what makes you money.
How to run your real estate investment company business from anywhere in the world. You do not have to be in the same town to make these estate deals happen.
How to create separate streams of income on each house from a.) monthly cash flow, b.) property appreciation, c.) IRS depreciation, d.) lump sum payments up front and e.) big payouts on the back end... not to mention ancillary income from investors, mortgage brokers, real estate agents and property managers.
How to scientifically determine how and where to most effectively advertise your homes online, in the newspaper and which lists to use.
How to know when you can safely quit your job and do real estate full time.
How to teach your kids this business so they can carry on the tradition.

The database program I use to contact my customer list of buyers and sellers.
How to turn 1 deal into 3 using the “happy camper” method.
How a first time “newbie” (like you?) can convince a skeptical, grizzled old investor or stubborn FSBO to sell their home with zero down payment. NOT because they are desperate, but because they are GREEDY. Win, Win deals!
Why fixing up properties is dangerous, expensive and stupid. You never heard that one before, did you? Throw away your paintbrush and your hammer.
How to buy properties for full price and still make a pile of money. You’ll love this because it’s so quick, easy and risk free.
A simple business card technique that brings in 4-6 extra deals per month for about 25 cents. Real Estate Investment
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